BMI Telecom Services


Local and international calls at very low rates

Unlimited calls worldwide from 9 EURO per month.
Use the package tariffs: Calls to Europe, CIS, USA and UK from 0,02 Euro per minute.
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Landline phone numbers in Latvia, Europe, CIS, USA and other countries

You may get multichannel virtual landline phone number of any country in the world in your office.
Any number connected to BMI Telecom can be multichannel, regarding your wish..
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Free calls from your pc, smartphone or tablet

Just install BMI application on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
You will be able to make free calls to the office, as well as make international calls at your corporate tariff.
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New voice phone lines installation

Call us and we will connect the required number of phones in your office in just a couple of days. Enjoy the many benefits of BMI network.
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Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX is an alternative to buying an office PBX. You do not need to buy expensive equipment, run telephone wires in the office, understand the complex technologies or search for third-party specialists to configure the system. The installation of the equipment and all the necessary hardware settings will be carried out by our specialists..
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Geographical expansion of your business

Simply connect the phone of the required city in your office, and you can launch an advertising campaign. You will be able to work with clients from other cities, not spending money on long-distance calls..
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