How it works

  1. Setting up with using a standard analog telephone equipment.


The existing analog telephone equipment (telephones, radio telephones, fax machines) and a special adapter (gateway) provided by BMI, are being used for connection. You can continue using your familiar telephone equipment, with all the benefits of NGN BMI network, such as call transfer, call forwarding, unified numbering, etc.

  1. Setting uo VOIP phone

ip-phone-roundIP telephone is a digital telephone apparatus, connected to the computer network. Usually, IP phones provide the additional functionality to the user, the screen with the caller ID, phone book function, call log function, call hold function, transfer of calls and call forwarding from the phone screen while you are away, conference calls and many others. Setting up to BMI  network can be done by using any IP-phone, what supports Sip protocol. IP phone you may get for rent.

  1. Setting up with PC and Softphone


The cheapest variant of connection, not requiring the purchase of the additional equipment. The special software and head set are being installed on the computer. Dialing and control is being performed from the computer. You can receive and make calls, transfer calls, manage call forwarding, etc.

Zoiper.comWe highly recommend use Zoiper VoIp software, available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, Apple IOS, Windows Phone platforms. You can download ithere.

  1. Setting up the Smartphone

howitworksmartMost mobile connection option that does not require expensive hardware equipment. The special software is being installed on smartphone. Dialing and control comes from the application. Just connect your phone to the Internet via WiFi, 3G or LTE, and you can make and receive calls, transfer calls, manage call forwarding, etc. This solution may be useful for the employees, who are often traveling abroad, it can significantly save in roaming.

For Android and IOS smartphone, you able to use Acrobits Cloud Softphone One touch instant configuration available through customers portal.

  1. Connecting an analog PBX (mini PBX, VoIP gateway using)


 Setting up may be done throuht digital channel ( SIP protocol or H323) or with a help of analog PBX lines, depending on PBX model. Setting up with a help of analog lines, channel ISDN and E1 extra equipment may be in need. For detailed information please contact BMI  technical support.

    1. Setting up using SIP protocol

    howitworksipConnection of digital Automatic telephone exchanges, Soft switch program Automatic telephone exchanges, software switches and other digital equipment and computer software, supporting SIP protocol. In order to connect to the network, you will be provided the account and the necessary server addresses that will be necessary to set up on your equipment for work with BMI network. Popular VoIP solutions such as Asterisk, Free Swith, Open Pbx, Cisco Call Manager, MERA, 3CX are perfectly suited to BMI network.

    Voice IP Technology

    BMI network was originally built on the basis of the modern NGN VoIP technology. The technology is based on the method of transmission of voice data via computer networks (global Internet network or local computer networks of individual companies). The main VoIP difference from traditional analog telephone systems is that for the transmission of voice signal the existing data transmission networks are being used and there is no need to run additional wires and communication channels for voice transmission. The special hardware hardware, as well as software products are being used for access to the network. All VoIP devices, such as telephones, gateways, IP Automatic telephone exchanges are being connected to the usual computer network, in the same way as you connect your personal computer to the Internet. The wireless networks (WiFi) may be also used for connection. Any VOIP equipment or software that supports SIP protocol or H323 may be used for connection to BMI network. Let us consider the basic methods of connection and access to BMI Telecom network services.

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