New opportunities for your business

Currently, the business processes of enterprises are progressively covering the new regions. Effective management of geographically distributed company structures is dependent on high-quality communications between these elements. The new solution already exists! Modern communication technologies of VoIP and NGN technologies give you new opportunities. There is no longer need in running telephone wires, just use the usual computer network to connect the telephones. All branches of the company can be easily united into a single telephone system with a short three-digit numbering, while the calls between offices in different cities will be free of charge. No need to enter into agreements with several operators in different regions, you can use the services of one operator in any city in the world. Also, you can easily transfer the client’s call from Moscow to the employee in Riga or any other city.

Advantages of using of BMI telephone network for your company:

Opportunity to conduct business in new regions, without opening additional branches

Connect the number of the required region in your office and use for calls one of the unlimited tariff plans. Your new customers will not even know that you are conducting business, being located in a different city.

Additional opportunities for business consolidation

You have no need to maintain a variety of identical services in every branch. (E.g. sales department or customer service support). Using the BMI network capabilities, you can organize one department that will receive calls from all cities. At the same time, not you, nor your customers will bear additional losses for long-distance calls.

Significant cost saving for connection

Calls between branches will be free, and international calls will be much cheaper.

Access to services from any place in the world

Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to make calls via BMI network. Calls to your office and other BMI subscribers will be free.

Save on roaming

By going on a journey, you and your employees can take BMI connectivity along. It is possible to receive and make international calls at your corporate tariff without any additional costs for roaming.

Transparency of planning of financial resources

You will be always able to precisely control your future communication costs due to the use of package and unlimited tariffs. You pay for telecommunications services in all branches by one invoice.

Single internal number assignment for all branches

You will be able easily to reach the required employee.

Reduction of expenses for customer acquisition

With our competitive tariffs, your employees will be able to make more calls to the customers, and communication costs will remain unchanged.

Increase of customer loyalty

Always free phone, single room, united easy-to-remember number, additional numbers in the regions, with which you are working, flexible call distribution between employees, all these are additional conveniences for your customers, which will be appreciated.

Moving with the preservation fo the number

Opportunity to change the location of your offices, without any additional cost to the organization of communication and change of the phone number. This is the additional mobility of your business, which is particularly important in conditions of instability.

Simplicity of build-up and management of telecommunication resources

You can quickly connect and disconnect additional numbers and telephone lines, change tariffs, connect new branches to the network. Thus, there is no need to lay any new communication lines.

Convenience for your customers

Calls to local number without any additional costs

Connect the telephone numbers of those countries and cities, with which you are working, in your office. Your clients will call you to the numbers of their city and not pay for international connections. For example, having connected the Moscow number in Riga, your clients from Moscow will be able to call to your office in Riga, having dialled the Moscow number. In this case, the call will be free for you.

Single network for all branches

By calling to one of your landline numbers, the customer may contact the required employee, being located anywhere, while not paying for long-distance connection.

Single multi-channel number, which is always free

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